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Amazon Associates

Amazon is online best marketplace that have large variety of products at amazing price. Amazon is one of the top leading E-commerce company in the world, Every one knows Amazon now a days. It provide great Online Shopping services to its customers like Free Shipping of products at your door even in a day. 

There are a lot of niches on Amazon which have their own space which make this platform best to buy product online with trust. It has best affiliate marketing website to earn money online. Amazon provide Associate program which allow people to refer Amazon Affiliate products and get handsome commissions by its Unique Affiliate link. Amazon divided the commission according to the categories  which is from 2% to 10%.

Apart from this category type commission on which Associate will get whatever Amazon visitor will purchase. Not only this Amazon also provide its Associates to earn fixed commission with its Bounty program, where Associates will promote different Amazon services with his unique Affiliate link and will earn fixed amount once visitor will sign up for valuable services and programs. Commission can be from $2.5 to $15

Some of Amazon Bounty Programs With Commissions Are :

$3 for 30-day Free Trials . When Visitor Sign up for 30-days trial commission will be earned.

Earn $15.00 for a successful registration of an Amazon Business account. When Visitor Sign up for commission will be earned.

$3 bounty for every Amazon Prime customer you drive to ship their first Prime Wardrobe box (even if they decide to return all items) commission will be earned.

$5 bounty for each qualifying Audible Plus free trial. Just for sign up for Trial commission will be earned.

$10 bounty for each qualifying Audible Plus paid membership. when visitor buy Membership commission will be earned.

 Earn Commission of $3 bounty when a visitor from your site creates a registry on Amazon.

Earn Commission of $10 bounty for each qualifying 12-month Audible Gift membership

Earn Commission Of $8 bounty for each qualifying 3 or 6-month Audible Gift membership

Amazon provide a lot of benefits to its Affiliates via Associate Program. they are just giving commissions on just free trail of the services. Therefore Amazon Associate is one of the best Affiliates to earn money with just simple steps.

Signup Amazon Associate account : Click Here 

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